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Advanced Sales Development System™ designed to give you and your sales team the edge…

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The 7 modules of Advanced Sales Development System™ impart what are often considered insider secrets and the latest most powerful techniques to both empower sales teams and generate an increase in business generated, through lasting behavioural change that will be evident in the results achieved.

1 Personal Success Strategies

This module focuses on self leadership and personal development.

2 Relationship Building

This module focuses on building robust business relationships.

 Behaviour Profiling

This module focuses on gaining deeper understanding of your client and self and includes behavioural patterns, giving you more control of what you do and how you influence.

 Criteria Elicitation (The Gathering)

This module focuses on eliciting vital information from your client.


This module focuses on tailoring your presentation for your specific audience.


This module focuses on the principles and process of negotiating.

Gaining Commitment

This module focuses on the how you can employ the power of the rules of influence and persuasion to win more business more of the time.

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The Advanced Sales Development System™ OnLine Learning Portal gives you unique access to the structured training resources for the 7 modules: Personal Success Strategies, Relationship Building, Behaviour Profiling, Criteria Elicitation, Presenting, Negotiations and Gaining Commitment.

All designed for you to embed the learning easily… and make it stick!

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